Ongoing Fee Method

Release 17 February 2021 – Ongoing Fee Method

Ongoing Fee Method

In this release we have added a third ongoing fee method, From instrument then proportionately, that can be selected on an investor account. You can then select the instrument to be used to take fees from BEFORE continuing to take the rest of the fees proportionately. Fees will be taken from the selected instrument, if there is not enough (or no) money in the instrument, then the rest of the fees will be taken proportionately from the other instruments. Only if there is not enough value available after you tried to take proportionately, an error will be logged in the fee run. See link

More changes include:

  • Merge user messages and communication cards. See link
  • Create functionality to link a portfolio instrument to a CIS instrument
  • Add Transactions list to more actions on a confirmed Contract Note
  • Add ‘Holdings date’ to View Details of the Current Holdings card on an investor
  • Create functionality to include/exclude certain transactions from the Income tax calculations. See link
  • Change recipient bank reference on custodian to provide the option to include account number. See link
  • Add global permission ‘View a beneficiary’ to be able to view the beneficiary card on investors
  • Add cease date of an account on Statement Defaults in the Account Details section
  • Improve rounding on internal switches
  • Add option under System->Configuration to use spelling ‘Advisor’ or ‘Adviser’ in the system
  • Allow contact person on a distributor to see all linked brokerage clients
  • Expand transaction fee functionality on dealer instructions for withdrawals. See link
  • Prevent the taking of transaction fees if >20% of deal amount
  • Change employer summary report to exclude employers without instructions during date range selected
  • Improve download performance on reports
  • Add functionality to change benefit description on existing accounts in an insurance instrument. See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.