Brokerage Adviser Client Management

Release 13 August 2020 – Adviser Client Management

Adviser Client Management

In this release, changes and additions have been made to the user interface for advisers and brokerages to enhance client management in the form of i.e. Total assets under management, Client Birthdays & Client Next Review. See link for more details.

More changes include:

  • Change wording ‘Adequate’ to ‘Compliant’ for requirement compliance display
  • Remove requirement from individual entity/account or instruction if removed from System->Requirement type
  • Create separate supplier accounts if the account owner has multiple investor accounts that deals directly
  • Move initial fee transactions to deposit bank entry date, instead of match date of bank entry
  • Rename “Cash Flow” to “Retirement Cash Flow”
  • Add columns (Adviser name, Adviser code, Adviser email) to Reports->Account Status report
  • Change date used on CIC Bank statement import
  • Add columns for IFA, brokerage and distributor to internal audit file (Reports->Internal Audit, Employer.csv file)
  • Create functionality to minimise amount of forex transfers needed, where different dealers (banks) are involved
  • Add price and price date columns to Instruments->Unitised Instruments->More Actions (Import) and the export link
  • Performance fees on supplier instrument. See link
  • Change Standard bank statement import format
  • Change ‘Change Request’ notification messages to be send out only if there is an investor account and the account status is Existing business
  • Change payment and Transfer references. See link
  • Add ability to Load/Submit an instruction with Banking Details authorisation pending
  • One detailed instruction file for 2 dealer instructions. See link
  • Add dealer number to instruction. See link
  • Change member accounts and instructions to use base currency on the group as default currency
  • Add option to switch compliance requirement cards on/off under System->Card Settings
  • Get consistency in the confirmation, exceptions and warnings on imports
  • Add Nedbank.csv payment file format as option to Banking->Payment Batches->Select Batch
  • Add functionality to allow unmatching of partially matched Money Transfers. See link
  • Add additional reports; Audit data, Fees, Requirements, Entity roles to s3 bucket. See link for latest¬†Files and Field
  • Add transfer file formats to payment batches
  • Create functionality to move account to a different product, where both products have the same custodian. See link
  • Add risk rating to Compliance risk. See link
  • Create functionality to be able to split payment and transfer batches for linked/not linked bank accounts. See link
  • Add functionality¬†to have a different policy schedule per product
  • Add permission to hide/show deactivated advisers
  • Add detailed download function to group contributions
  • Change display of Financial needs analysis cash flows for death, disability, severe illness and retirement
  • Add the ability to have a different retirement age for Disability and for Illness on financial needs analysis
  • Create ability for Trustee on a trust to see the trust’s accounts

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.