Release 25 April 2019 – Instrument Account and Bank entries

Merge bank account entries screen with Instrument Account

In this release, the bank account entries screen have been merged with the relevant instrument account. This change provides easier routes to related information, provide more filtering options that improves performance on large amount of entries and ensure more stability in asset and liability running balances.

Selecting an Instrument account on a cash instrument will now display the screen below. The closing balance for the bank account can be view in A below.


More changes including:

  • Move Politically Exposed Person to More Actions under the Entity card
  • Add ‘Send from database: test…’ to the email subject of emails send from test machines
  • On Investor accounts, added all instructions for the instrument account to the instrument account. See link
  • Add realised fields to Needs Analysis Balance sheet
  • Split option to move the commencement date of recurring investments or withdrawals to the previous working, to be separate selections. See link
  • Create ‘Compliance document Expiry’ report, that provide expiry date information about all documents with expiry dates
  • Add Compliance and Risk report to Entities->Entities->More Actions
  • Change Date column on bulk matching screen to Commencement date and add filters
  • Create re-insurance report under Instruments -> Insurance instruments -> More Actions
  • Move Negative Investor instruments, Instrument summary and Unit Recon report to Instruments -> All Instruments-> More Actions
  • Create functionality to upload debit orders and payment batches and download confirmation files for Standard bank XML format via sftp as Jobs
  • Add the ability to match multiple debit orders to multiple deposits
  • Add ability to specify insurance instrument defaults on a group scheme. See link
  • Add option to include accounts with zero holdings on Export Investor Holdings report
  • Create functionality to upload bank entry retrospectively to bank entries and updating balances in the process. See link
  • Make marital status configurable under the system main menu
  • Create additional fields and move some fields, on person, to Personal Details card->More Actions->Additional Details
  • Automatically add all investor accounts to Needs Analysis Balanced sheet
  • Add needs analysis defaults under System Main menu, with the option to override on an investor
  • Add fileds to needs Analysis Report
  • Create warning message to prevent adding duplicate members on a group
  • Create a link between ‘identification document expiry date’ and the related uploaded document
  • Improve investment statement options and look. See link
  • Update ‘Beneficial Ownership’ report to the latest specifications
  • Add amount rounding error transaction to sell dealer instructions to reconcile cash
  • Add option under Product to make’Status date and notes’ compulsory on changing an account to inactive
  • Add compliance requirements on instruction level. See link
  • Add non compliance requirements on instruction level to Instructions -> Outstanding Requirements
  • Change country on Address from a string to Country and add ISO code
  • Add a check box on an uploaded document for “This document never expires”
  • Copy linked model portfolio with fund selection and amount when an employee changes employers
  • Add bulk tax certificate email function to Capital Gains – and Interest and Dividends certificates under Bulk Processes Main menu
  • Create Automatic exchange of information (UK) report under Investors -> Investor Accounts (More Actions)
  • Add tax fields to import and export investor – Country for tax purposes, Withholding tax exempt
  • Create ability to match multiple debit orders to multiple deposits
  • Create functionality to generate Needs analysis cash flows on investors. See link
  • Automate reversal of Re-insurance cost and broker fees on Insurance premium debit order reversal
  • The Download / Export format file type has changed from comma delimited (.csv) to tab delimited (.tsv).See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.