Release 4 March 2022 – Automatic recurring instruction Increases

Automatic recurring instruction Increases

In this release functionality was added to enable automatic increases on recurring investments and – withdrawals. The amount of the recurring will increase with the percentage as set on the recurring series when the escalation date on the recurring series is on or before the commencement date of the recurring instruction. The next escalation will also be adjusted as per the escalation frequency set on the recurring series. For more information, see link.

More changes include:

  • Do not allow to set or import notification settings if email/cellphone is empty
  • Add Brokerage/company back on advisers to payout report
  • Add Fundamental file format for Transfers (Bulk processes -> Unit Transfers)
  • Add Fundamental file format to Reports -> Fees Taken report
  • Update Fundamental file to use the same logic as the Client Group Document
  • Change Income and Risk section to be only available on account in a products with ‘Validate regulation 28 rules’ ticked and migrate data to review card where applicable
  • Create identification of transfer in transactions on Tax Free Savings Accounts to determine tax year affected
  • Add from and to date to Liability details on supplier instrument account and default to 3 months if more than 100 000 transactions
  • Change weighted average cost calculation to make provision for negative balances
  • Enhance Trustee report to be used for employer information
  • Change Cash Liability – and Cash Recon report to run in the background
  • Change IT3 SARS files to be inline with BRS update issued 18 Jan 2021 version 3.0.3-32 for IT3b, c and s
  • Remove validation to prevent duplicate classes on Collective investment fund classes
  • Add ‘Investment name’ to the Insurance and Market Value Report(Investors -> Investor Accounts -> More Actions -> Insurance and Market Value Report)
  • Add company column to Users table
  • Remove Working and Fee Portfolios from IT3 and Contributions certificates and the SARS files
  • Add product column to task list
  • Add Platform Provider column to Export Investor Holdings
  • Ability to override default card displays (and make read only) for all clients of an adviser and adviser. See link
  • Create Finswitch import file for dealer instructions (System->Dealer Instructions->Details->Finswitch download. See link
  • Add functionality to allow transfer in transactions on Tax Free Savings Accounts that only influence the Contributions/Investments over lifetime
  • Change incremental account number to only work on accounts starting with the ‘Portfolio number prefix’ as set under System-Configuration
  • Changes to the Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.