Release 8 April 2022 – Automatic risk rating

Automatic risk rating

In this release we have added a risk assessment wizard that can be used as an alternative to the existing risk assessment method currently implemented . To activate the risk assessment wizard, change the Risk assessment method under System->Configuration to Wizard Risk Assessment Method. See link for more details.

More changes include:

  • Move templates on product to Product->More Actions->Document Templates
  • Add configurable functionality to email letters on completion of 100% withdrawals to client or adviser. See link
  • For security purposes, remove signatures from test sites and replace with placeholders. To test actual signatures on test sites, client can upload the signature on test
  • Make risk assessment card available on an entity without an investor account
  • Add Next escalation date to New and Existing members-> View Details on an employer
  • Improve performance on Cash Recon report
  • Improve performance by removing remove option from instrument prices. To remove a price it will have to be set back to the previous price.
  • Show investment summary and return cards for client accounts only
  • Add permission ‘Create and edit reviews’ to global permissions
  • Group all risk assessment items to System->risk assessment
  • Make improvements to Trustee report
  • Add member cell number as option to statement accounts detail section and add beneficiary details section
  • Changes to the Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.