Release 18 December 2018 – Insurance Instruments

Insurance Instruments

Insurance Instruments have been expanded to make provision for:

  1. The Insurer portfolio to use
  2. The Re-insurer portfolio to use
  3. Defaults that will pull through to new instructions that invest in the insurance Instrument


On the Recurring Instruction of the client, the insurance instrument can be edited and changed from the defaults that was set on the insurance instrument.

Expansions added:

  1. Premium calculation based on Percentage of monthly pensionable salary
  2. Benefit calculated based on Pensionable salary and Premiums for benefit period
  3. A Cost and Fees section that will be visible and editable by users with the global permission ‘Insurance Cost and fees’


Small changes including:

  • Show additional interest, fees and taxes under Accrued Interest, Fees and Taxes on Current Holdings->View Details
  • Add Grid import format to System->Exchange Rates
  • Add ‘Age at Entry’ field to Account details to be used as the age to lookup Life cover cost and re-insurance cost
  • Allow 4 decimals on Contribution percentage for employer and member contribution
  • Add pensionable salary to investor account
  • Make detailed investor accounts consistent
  • Include Company Type in Export investors file
  • Add option to invest until a specific age or according to a rate table for recurring investments. See link
  • Allow creation of dealer instruction before both legs of money transfer have been matched. See link
  • Add ‘Effective date’ and ‘Refresh’ to Investors->Investor Accounts screen to display Investment Value as at a certain date
  • Add ‘Market value’ column to the account – and date selection section on a combined statement
  • Create needs analysis functionality. See link
  • Add ‘Account Status’ report to Reports
  • Create ‘Change Request’ functionality. See link
  • Add client and Instrument cards to Brokerages
  • Add Custodian data report to Products under Investor Accounts, more actions
  • Change Edit of Member – and Employer contribution on an Employer to cater for both amount and %, when applicable
  • Add ‘cancel instruction’ to new instructions list under Instructions
  • Change the matching between ID number and Date of birth to include both 1900 and 2000, for instance 1918 and 2018
  • Add default dealer to Custodian. See link
  • Add “International Bank Account Number” and “Method of payment” to Investors->Import Investors and Investors->Export Investors
  • Change ‘Date’ on Instruction lists under Instructions main menu to display ‘Commencement date’
  • Add default fee share to Product (System -> Product -> More Actions (Ongoing Fees) -> More Actions (Ongoing Fee Shares)
  • Allow portfolios other than that of the Advisor’s brokerage to be setup as a fee portfolio on an advisor
  • Expand Account status functionality to a list where Statuses can be added and managed. See link

Show only one Recurring Instruction in a list of Recurrences

On the Active Instructions screen and View Details of the Active Instruction screen only the last occurrence of a series of the same recurring instruction will be shown (the current Authorised instruction will be shown until it is invested/completed). This helps to know which recurring instructions belong together and is in essence the same instruction, especially where more than one recurring instruction is running on the same account.

To view all the recurring instructions in the list, go to More Actions->Recurrences on the Recurrent instruction that is displayed


Alternatively, ‘View Details’ on Active Instructions display number of recurrences. Selecting the number of recurrences will display all the recurrences.


On all the Recurring instructions there are “Previous Recurrence’ and ‘Next Recurrence’ to ensure easy navigation

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.