Compliance Requirements

Release 22 June 2020 – Compliance


In this release, changes and additions have been made to derive the compliance status of an Entity, Investor Account, Instruction and/or Role  from the requirements set on the Entity, Investor Account, Instruction and/or Role. See link for more details.

More changes include:

  • Add ability to suppress or enable communication to client/advisor on Change Request approval(System->Change requests). See link
  • Add payment file formats to Money Transfers
  • Add additional columns to Account status report for Employer Contribution Holiday, if workflow task is used on employer
  • Create Entity role report (Entities->Entities->More Actions)
  • Split requirement type for Investor Account into Member Account and Investor Account on System->Requirement types
  • Add a action list drop down on a workflow task. See link
  • Add permission ‘Show Combined Statement(unadjusted)’ to be able to view combined statements on accounts with early surrender fees
  • Add ability to type value of sliders on Cash Flow inputs on Financial needs analysis
  • Remove monthly value from balance sheet in the Financial needs analysis document
  • Add option to send an email to employer/advisor on Confirmation of group contribution investment
  • Add Calastone import format to Bulk processes->Upload instructions
  • For AEOI reporting, if country for tax purposes is blank, system should use country of residence. See link
  • Adjust income tax file for SARS to comply with tax table minimums
  • Add Bank of New York transfer and payment formats
  • Create functionality for users with ‘Investor Admin’ permission to delete a cancelled instruction without any transaction allocations
  • Add user interface to set email notifications on employer groups. See link
  • Show bank entry date on cash liability on the bank entry date where more than one deposit have been matched to one instruction
  • Change IT3b certificates to list all instrument with holdings for the period
  • Increase FNA income requirement limit to R300 000 per month
  • Add additional configurable options to statement options
  • Add additional performance calculation options to Instrument performance on statements. See link
  • Change debit order reversals and rematch to use the bank entry date instead of the original debit order date
  • Expand functionality to download detailed accounts per product. See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.