Release 29 June 2021 – Archive Documents

Archive documents

In this release we have added functionality to accommodate archiving of documents on an entity or an account. Archived documents will still be available on the system, but only visible to users with the global permission ‘Archived documents’. See link

More changes include:

  • Add filters to System-> SMS screen
  • Add unmatch payment function on dealer instruction if the instruction not yet confirmed
  • Add functionality to archive inactive employers. See link
  • Add Model Portfolio column to Adviser detailed client download
  • Move tax settings from Custodian to Product level
  • Add Maturity date and Strike date to Instruments -> Bonds
  • Add additional columns to Entity Role report
  • Expand requirement type options. See link and link
  • Add 6 months monthly market value section to statement defaults
  • Add Returns graph section to statement defaults
  • Split columns for person and company in Risk rating – and PEP reports
  • Add option to rename instruments on the instrument account for specific accounts. See link
  • Add ability to cater for min and max transaction fee split proportionately between investors in bulk deal
  • Move Reports -> Documents Expiry report to System -> Documents -> More Actions
  • Add columns and ‘Include older expired documents’ option to Document expiry report
  • Add columns and selection options to Requirements – Outstanding report
  • Add tax fields to investor import and – export
  • Add processing date to Import historical transactions as well as Weighted Average Unit Cost (WAUC)
  • Add functionality to be able to import Bonds
  • Add investment value to Requirements report
  • Expand password protection (set on System->configuration) to apply to all pdf documents generated in the system. See link
  • Add rule to link document changes with related requirements. See link
  • Change the compliance status for a joint investor account to depend on both applicants’ compliance statuses
  • Add the ability to specify and display 6 decimals on a transaction fee
  • Changes to Export Transaction Data Job (S3) – Added “Name” to both Adviser Table and Brokerage Table. See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.