User Messages

Release 22 January 2021 – User Messages

Messages to a specific user

In this release we have improved the system messages to be able to send messages for a specific user, for more details refer to User Messages

More changes include:

  • For the latest changes to the Export Transaction Data to the S3 Bucket refer to the fields highlighted in green in link to the latest Files and Fields
  • Add Instrument class report to Instrument -> Class -> Select Class -> More Actions (Accounts per class)
  • Add option to make title compulsory on adding a new person (System->Configuration – Mandatory Fields)
  • Ensure transaction reference is unique for each transaction (Dealer instruction -> More Actions (Detailed Instruction File))
  • Improve sorting and display on Review Card
  • Add available units and value to instruments on investment instructions
  • Allow working portfolio and fee portfolios to go negative with adjustments
  • Add ‘City of birth’ field to Person details
  • Add Foreign exposure fee as ongoing fee type. See link
  • Add remove option to Dealer – and Company details
  • Add additional navigation options to financial needs analysis
  • Add detailed download to dealer instruction->More Actions->Details-> More Actions
  • Prevent change of “Stored Decimal Places For Units” on instrument if there are already transactions on the instrument
  • Expand and improve Performance fees on an instrument
  • Add columns to Flows card detail screen, when clicking into a value
  • Add custodian details to switches and withdrawals to discriminate custodian instrument accounts, where account value are held at different custodians
  • Expand transaction fee functionality on dealer instructions.See link
  • Add system currency column to the transactions on the Flows card
  • Exclude the adviser’s own accounts from the Flows on adviser and brokerage
  • Make company types a configurable list (System->Company Types). See link
  • Add column Instrument Type to Instrument Summary Report
  • Add option ‘Can only run on working days’ to scheduled jobs (System->Jobs)
  • Add option to deselect all debit order batches created per take on date
  • Add functionality to create a new account that automatically adds the required instructions from a template account. See link
  • Add Benefit Cease Date to Insurance Instrument Account, to accommodate instances where insurance benefits lapsed. See link
  • Improve last recurring withdrawal and 100% sells. See link
  • Add validation on capture/import of International Bank Account number
  • Save statement section selection on an account level. See link
  • Add ability to group sections per scenario on the Financial Needs Analysis report
  • Add account number column to Investor accounts on a product and to the Create dealer instruction screen
  • Add a system currency column to the Accrued Fees report (Reports->Accrued fees)

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.