Release 6 July 2022 – Client Communication

Client Communication

In this release we have added functionality to be able to send customised communications (sms or email) to a client from the Communications card on an entity. This functionality has also been expanded to be able to send bulk customised communications to a list of clients. See link for more detail.

More changes include:

  • Add option to generate and email a welcome letter to a client based on account take on date. See link
  • Add columns for Initial adviser fee – and Initial platform fee amount to detailed download of completed instructions
  • Allow the import of distribution with a zero distribution amount
  • Add functionality to be able to select the products on which instruction purpose types need to be available. See link
  • Add a product filter to the bulk deposit matching screen
  • Add Market Value in System Currency¬†to Detailed Download of Investor Accounts
  • Add an option on a dealer to either split or combine payments in the Payment File to the relevant dealer. See link
  • Add JSE contract note import format to Bulk processes->Dealer Instructions->Upload Contract Notes. See link
  • Add Amount in System Currency to Reports->Fees taken
  • Allow a user who rejected an instruction to authorised the instruction again after another user has submitted the rejected instruction
  • Create functionality to auto match deposits on submitted instructions, where the investor account number or ID is used in the bank reference and the amount is the same
  • Add the Beneficiary indicator primary/alternate to the Beneficiary details section on statement defaults
  • Create functionality to be able to export – and import investor fee splits. See link
  • Changes to the Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.