Getting Started


Importing Bank Statements
Bank Import formats Catered for
Steps to download a statement in FNB online
Where to import Bank Statements
Cash Instrument Transfers
Cancel a Cash instrument Transfer
Search Cash Instrument Transfers
Payment Statuses

Bulk transacting and Dealer instructions

Creating a New Price for instruments that deals in amount only
Last client notification on 100% sell
Fund Class Mergers
Bulk transfer Out and Transfer In
Automated Job Scheduler
Bulk Recurring Investment changes


Adding a Custodian
Loading a Bank Account on a Custodian
Linking a Custodian Bank account on a Cash instrument Account
Setting up the transaction bank account of the Asset holder Custodian
Setting up a Custodian Bank account to buy into
Add Public holidays to a Custodian


Activate Compliance Verification
Investor Compliance
Brokerage does own investor compliance


Linking a Dealer
Dealing an Instrument through different Dealers

Dealing through a Trading Account

Setting up a Trading Account
Importing a Trading Account Statement
Buying through a Trading Account
Selling through a Trading Account


Distribution Options
Add and Allocate Distributions
Money market interest allocation
Cash Instrument interest/distribution
Add Distribution split categories
Setup Split category information
Setup Withholdings tax percentage
SARS file for Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT)

Entities: Persons and Companies

Adding and Editing a Person
Adding and Editing a Company
Adding and Editing a Brokerage
Adding and Editing an Adviser
Adding and Editing a Distributor
Adding a Dealer
Merging duplicate persons
Set tax exemption on a Person or Company
Setting up a revenue service company


Adviser Fees

Setting and Overriding Adviser Fees
Received Adviser Fee Options
Sharing Adviser fees
Doing a Fee Run
Pay Out Advisers
Advisor Fee Maximums
Advisor Fees on Suspended Instruments
Setup Fee Provision Instruments
Adviser Dashboard
Detailed Adviser fee calculation report

General about Fees

Investor Account Fee Options
Notes on Fees
Annual Fees – take order
Fee run – Earliest from date
Add Ongoing Fee Types
Add Ongoing Fee Types on a Product
Sharing Initial Platform – and Ongoing Fees
Changing “First System fee’ date
Different Fee Reports
VAT on Fees

Platform Fees

Setting and Overriding Platform Fees
Display of Platform Fees on Investor Account Card
Setup Annual Platform fee discount

Transaction – and Deal Fees

Setting up Transaction Fees
Application of Transaction – and Deal Fees

Amortisation of Initial Fees

Amortised/Early surrender fee Instrument
Activating Amortisation
Amortisation on an Investment Instruction
Viewing Amortisation

Group Administration

Login as employer administrator
Signing In
Amend Employee Details – Contribution Amounts and Status Changes
Adding New Members
How to Setup a ‘Helper’ Email Address
Printing the Application Form and Investment Overview
Monthly Contribution Submission
Printing an Invoice
Manage group contributions
View and add instruments available for selection by members
Filtering on Client Groups
Adding Voluntary Contributions
Export Employer group members

Imports – more

Import historical transactions
Import Fund Holdings
Import Unitised – and Money market Instruments
Import Investors
Import Asset Allocation figures

Instructions: Invest, withdrawal and switch

Adding, Editing and Cancelling Instructions
Source of funds for investment instructions
Portfolio Rebalance
Notes displayed on Portfolio rebalance
Withdrawal restrictions
Last Withdrawal with outstanding fees
Switch instructions
Sending transaction notifications
Editing Notification Messages
Change Instruction Descriptions
Stopping a buy instruction
Confirm units before payment is received

Instrument Providers, Collective Investment Schemes and Instruments

Collective Investment Schemes
Adding a Collective Investment Scheme
Adding Asset Classes
Regulation 28
Asset Allocation on CIS – Intended Maximum Limits
Asset Allocation on CIS – Actual Asset Allocations
Adding an Instrument Class
Adding a new Instrument
Duplicate CIS’ and merging them
CIS composed portfolios
Adding an Instrument Provider
Instrument Providers and Instruments
Changing Instrument Providers on a CIS
Set Instrument Provider Graph display
Removing an Instrument

Instrument Statements

Updating Instrument Statement Balances
Statement balance transactions

Insurance Instruments

Insurance Instruments
Insurance Instruments on the Investor Account
Calculating Insurance Premiums and – Benefits
Free Cover Benefits
Add Benefit Description to Member Benefit Statements


Create and Update Interest Rate Set
Interest Calculator
Applying Interest
Setup Interest Withholdings Tax
Override Interest on Instruction

Investor Accounts (Portfolios)

Statuses of investor accounts
Preferred Currency on Investor Accounts

Investment manager fee calculations

Monthly fee process
Import Market Values
Import Rebates
Import Performance Fees and Service Charges
View Imported Values
Setup Default Fee Structures on New Instruments
Fee Calculation Variables for a Month
Minimum CIS Fee Across Fund Classes
Fee Calculation
Giving a Fund Manager Online Access
Fund Manager Online View
Releasing monthly fees

Model Portfolios

Adding a Model / Wrap fund
Linking a Model Portfolio
Model Portfolio Rebalance
New instruction to Platform Provider
Platform Provider model/wrap instructions
New Tracker split
Import Tracker splits from MorningStar

Multiple Currencies

Capturing Exchange Rates
Forex Exchange in Multi-currency Investment

Online Application Processes

New Business Wizard
Additional Application Process

Portfolio Instruments

Portfolio Instruments and Composed Investor Accounts
Pricing of a Portfolio Instrument
Set and Capture the Price for all Portfolio Instruments


Adding a Product
Adding a Product/account to an Investor
Removing a Product/account from an Investor


Once Off Investment Process
Once Off Withdrawal Process
Switch Process
Internal Switch Process
Unit Transfer In Process
Unit Transfer Out Process
Cash Transfer In Process
Recurring Investment and Debit Order Collection
Recurring Investment Process (Diagram)
Debit Order Process (Diagram)
Recurring Withdrawal Process
Cash-only recurring Withdrawals
Debit Order Reversal and Re-matching
Ongoing Fee Process
Under and overselling of amount withdrawals
Instruments that deal in amount only
Direct Client Dealing (single currency)

Recurring Investments and Withdrawals

Recurring Withdrawal Ending

Reports, Statements and Certificates

Generate Contribution Certificates (Tax Certificates)
Logo on statements and certificates
Investor Statement Defaults
Investor Statements
Detailed Investor Accounts per Instrument Provider
Automatic Distribution of Statements by Email
Password Protect e-mailed statements
Price Growth on Statements
Calculations on Investor Statements
Administration Fee Rates on Statements
Interest and Dividends Certificates
Capital gains Tax certificates
Contribution Certificates
Add Fund PAYE – and Tax number to Custodian
Add Trustee text on Contribution Certificates
Delete Certificates to Regenerate
Add notes to Tax certificates
Add director information to Tax Certificates
Export – and Import Investor Reports

Supplier Accounts

Why Supplier Accounts
Why Instrument accounts
Supplier Accounts and Instrument Accounts
Instrument Statements and – Statement Balances
Adding an Instrument Account

System Emails

Setup workflow email address
From Email Address

User and user management

Creating a New User
Making an existing person a User
Activating a New User
Register as a user
Product Viewer
Setting permissions on a User
User Types/Roles
Global and Group Permissions


** Please note the following:
Specifications and information in this guide are, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publishing. Since regular deployments are done, with enhancements and new functionality, the information in this guide is subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, FinWorks cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions.